Hiriketiya Beach

Located approximately one hour from the town of Mirissa, Hiriketiya Beach is a veritable paradise featuring palm-fringed golden shores, cool cafes, and plenty of surfers carving up left-handers under the glistening sun.

What was once a quiet and hidden gem nestled along the island’s famed South Coast with little more than a few rustic wooden huts has fast become one of the coolest must-visit spots for digital nomads and acai bowls.

From surf shops that definitely wouldn’t look out of place in any chic coastal town, charming beachside bars serving up some delicious cocktails in mason jars, to a co-working space which also happens to one of the first in Sri Lanka, have popped up in the recent years, ensuring that Hiritketiya has definitely come along way!

Yet despite all this progress, Hiritketiya Beach has managed to still be a place where the thick jungle meets shimmering blue seas, to create a magical space where time becomes a totally irrelevant concept.

Hiriketiya has also gone on to become one of the best surf destinations on the island! Especially given the fact that it is located a horseshoe-shaped bay, with swells rolling in year-round, it is a surf destination that offers a challenge to surfers of all calibers.

The waves are at their very best from August to December and usually attracts both intermediate and experienced surfers while the smaller swells from December to February is ideal from beginners.

Boards can be hired for the day for little as $1.50 (250 LKR) but a bit of strategic bargaining would be required.  Surfing just after sunrise is highly recommended as the waves can get very busy from mid-morning to sunset. Do make it a point to follow surfing etiquette, and respect those taking on the waters around you.

Not keen on surfing? You’re in luck regardless, as Hiriketiya Beach remains a great place to simply relax and wile always the days in idyllic tropical bliss. Do make it a point to hit the waters during the afternoon for a long lazy swim, winding down with vibrant Sri Lankan sunset. There are plenty of little cafes and restaurants such as Salt House, that one can check out great burgers, seafood, salads, and gelatos to make your visit a well -rounded one!