Day at Dalawella Beach

Thanks to the Instagram famous palm tree rope swing, Dalawella Beach has become something of a star attraction in Unawatuna! Make it a point to spend a day here is a must when your down holidaying in Mirissa.

Dalawella Beach is located in Unawatuna, which is a beachside town on the Southern Coastal belt of the island. Given the fact that Unawatuna can be quite touristy and crowded, Dalawella Beach offers perfect respite and can be reached easily from Mirissa Town. The beach goes on for miles and is separated by gently curving bays and coves.

How to Get There
The Beach is located approximately 45 minutes from Mirissa. One can opt to take a bus ride from Mirissa town to Dalawella Beach, as it’s hassle-free and easily doable. One can also opt to hire a local tuk-tuk for around $USD 25 to reach the destination. Other travel options include hiring a scooter or booking a taxi with a local cab company.

Check out the Dalawella Beach Swings
No visit to Dalawella Beach is not complete with having a fun ride on the Dalawella Beach swing! There are at least eight different swings located along the beach now and is perfect to try out to get yourself a fun and Instagram worthy photo especially during sunset.

Enjoy a dip
Swimming is absolutely safe in Dalawella Beach, with a wall of rock creating a natural lagoon where swimmers are free to paddle about in the azure blue waters surf from the huge waves. The best time to enjoy a dip is usually early in the morning at low tide. Swimming on the left side of the lagoon is recommended. If you’re hoping to enjoy a relaxed sunbathing session, you can opt to rent a deck chair or a sunbed for the day.

Check out Wijeya Beach
Making it a point to check out Wijeya Beach, an extremely popular restaurant located on Dalawella Beach is a must as they serve excellent pizzas, fresh seafood complemented by a sun-dappled ocean view. Apart from the pizzas, they also serve fresh sashimi which is priced at LKR 800. They also offer an extensive drinks menu, with their virgin mojito coming highly recommended. Wijaya Beach’s signature dish is pizzas, which come with well-balanced toppings on the thin dough with crispy edges. Usually, pizzas are priced anywhere from LKR 1400 to 1600. One can also opt for half and half pizzas as well.