Eat Fresh Sea Food

Consider yourself a fan of seafood? Then Mirissa is among one of the best travel destinations on the tear-drop isle, where you can indulge your taste buds with some mouthwatering dishes featuring some of the freshest seafood in the country. From succulent lobsters, jumbo prawns, large crabs to squid, and octopus, the choices and variety available are truly endless. That being said, the little town of Mirissa also is home to its own fair share of fantastic seafood restaurants manages to do justice to the abundance of fresh produce available to them. Especially by incorporating cooking techniques and fusion cuisines from around the world to serve up some gastronomic dishes!

Mama’s Place
Located along the Beach Road, Mama’s Place is an unmissable spot on your quest to sample the seafood delights offered in abundance in Mirissa. The whole concept consists of open-air stalls that sell fresh fish, cook it according to your preference, and serve it while you kick back and relax on the beach.  A wide range of fresh seafood is displayed on the planks, and you have the pleasure of simply picking out what you wish. The usual rates for octopus are LKR 1200 for 500g, LKR for 500 of jumbo prawns, and sea chicken for LKR 1000 for one kilo. The prices are high, but good bargaining skills will go along way here but do keep in mind that you are also paying for the location and service, not just the seafood. The meals are complemented with salads, rice, or chips. The food is delivered efficiently and guests are well attended, given that the eateries are right on the beach, one cannot ask for a better ambiance!

Zephyr Restaurant & Bar
A rather cosmopolitan restaurant located on the vibrant Mirissa beach stretch, the Zephyr Restaurant & Bar is pretty famous for their consistently good seafood dishes and welcoming ambiance that certainly stands out from the rest The seafood dishes served here refuse to have short names. Instead, every ingredient is listed proudly in the titles, and foodies love it. As they know exactly what to expect and guaranteed to be impressed with the presentation and flavours. Their freshly grilled, prawns, and tuna fish salad which is priced at LKR 850 is highly recommended!

Ocean Moon Restaurant
This dining spot is well known for having access to a large variety of seafood offerings. Their chefs are quite a knowledge when it comes to various cooking techniques and a great advantage here is that nothing comes from the freezer, as everything is brought fresh off the boats every morning and evening. Opting for Lobster, Jumbo Prawns, Tuna, or Butterfish is a great idea. If there is anything special you wish to try out, calling ahead and placing the order is well recommended!