Parrot Rock

Among the host of places to explore and experience in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, a visit to Parrot Rock would definitely take a top spot on that list. Located towards the left entrance of Mirissa Beach, the attraction in question is a small rock crop that serves as an isolated viewpoint located just 50 feet from the shores that hug this chic town.

Do note that getting to the little islet can be a bit tricky as one will need to wade through the waters to get there. The shallows, however, reach waist high at times depending on the time of day and the tide patterns. Either way, you are sure to get a bit wet. Once across the waters, there is a wooden staircase leading to the top of the rock, where you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the famed coconut tree hill to the left, the stunning Mirissa Beach in the middle and the endless spread of the Indian Ocean beyond.

While Parrot Rock can be accessed at any time during the day, the best time to visit the attraction is most definitely during sunrise or sunset. A lot of visitors tend to favour sunset visits, so the rock can be a bit overcrowded. Choosing to visit during sunrise is highly recommended, as the rock is completely deserted. Sunrise in Sri Lanka usually takes place at approximately 6 am, however, do make it a point to google the predicted sunrise times, as it can vary depending on the time of the year, you happen to visit Mirissa.

Wearing a bathing suit, and carrying a waterproof bag would come in handy when wading through the water. Do remember to take along some sunscreen and a hat, if you do visit in the morning, as it can get quite hot fast. At the top of Parrot Rock, there are grassy patches, where you can sit down and relax and possibly enjoy a picnic.  Staying for a long time is rather pointless as there not a whole to do apart from enjoying the views, so it’s a great place to visit briefly to escape from the hustle and bustle experienced during the morning or evenings.