Habitasse commodi Secret Beach

There are plenty of amazing little beaches in the country, but the Secret Beach Mirissa definitely takes the trophy home for being a hidden gem that effortlessly epitomises blissful tropical living by the Indian Ocean.

This stunning beach is located just a short distance from the main beach in Mirissa, and as an added bonus, the location of this particular beach filters out the bustling crowds as many visitors simply opt for the convenient beach at their doorstep.

While it might be only a short distance from the town centre, getting to this attraction might be a bit tricky. Hopping on to a tuk-tuk is the best way to get there as the local drivers know exactly where the spot is. The fare would approximately cost around 400 LKR. The road to the entrance of the beach is narrow and steep, and one will be required to walk the last 200 meters.

The Secret Beach is made up of two different beaches that come out and connect together as a rocky headland. The first beach is what one initially comes upon after you arrive. If you’re after a good long swim then this is the best spot for you.

The warm aquamarine waters like many beaches in the South Coast are teeming an abundance of marine life, so if you are planning on snorkelling then you are sure to come across turtles and exotic tropical fish.

The second beach is located just around the corner and is considered a real gem. Known as the Lagoon Beach, the waters are perfectly calm and is protected by a rocky outcrop, While this beach is protected, the waters are only waist deep, so swimming is not an ideal activity to enjoy here, but it is the perfect spot to float about while beating the scorching tropical heat!

The Secret Beach bar is located right in front of Lagoon Beach and is the ideal place to head over to rent a sunbed, grab a bite or order an ice-cold beer to keep cool. Taking long a thick beach blanket is well recommended, as the shores, unfortunately, don’t consist of powdery white sand but instead is made up of tiny shells, rocks, and coarse sand.