Fishing in Mirissa

Love to fish? Then deep-sea fishing in Mirissa definitely factors an exciting addition to add to your Mirissa top list of things to do! The waters off the coast of Mirissa are well known for teeming with a myriad of fish including sailfish, Spanish mackerel, Giant Travelly, Wahoos, Mahi Mahi, and Snappers, along with the rarer species such as swordfish and marlins!

What to expect
Usually, many of the tour operators in Mirissa who offer Deep Sea fishing experiences advocate responsible fishing and conversation. Meaning the catch you make will be released back into the sea. The crew who usually accompany you are all experienced and tend to take guests out into the bay in a small boat or larger vessel, depending on your request. Generally, the experience starts quite early in the morning with a 5.30 am wake up call. One can also opt to choose either a half a day fishing session or a full day option which would wind down by 6.00 pm. Almost all packages unless otherwise specified includes the provision of light jackets, fishing equipment, boat and crew along with the provision of refreshments.

The Game
The Indian Ocean surrounding Mirissa, Sri Lanka is especially renowned for being rich in groupers, tuna, jackfish, both red and white snappers, barracuda, and sharks along with the more rare game. In addition, if you’re really in luck you will get to catch playful dolphin pods frolicking in the waters, along with the gentle giants of the deep; whales. For this purpose making it a point to opt for an early morning session is highly recommended.

As mentioned, while conservation and responsible fishing are advocated, some tour operators offer the option of selecting your best of your catch to be prepared and enjoyed for dinner come evening. While the rest of your catch is sold at the local market, with half the proceeds going towards the local fisherman’s development charity and the other half towards the guides.

Notable tour operators to approach include Ocean Explorers Mirissa and Sanali Deep Sea Fishing Tours. It’s also best to do your research prior to booking a deep-sea fishing tour, taking in your needs in to account. Many operators in Mirissa are very flexible and make it a point to accommodate their guests’ needs in any way possible.

Things to keep in mind
It’s important to keep in mind that making a catch is wholly dependents on weather conditions, luck, and fishing skills. If you will be opting for a morning session do make sure to take along and wear plenty of sunscreen, dress in cool and comfortable clothing and a sunhat to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun.