Water Sports

No Mirissa holiday is complete without making it a point to try your hand in experiencing some fun water sports down by the beach. The crescent-shaped bay ensures that the waters are protected with little currents, making Mirissa one of the top places on the island to enjoy some splashy fun in the water safely especially if you are holidaying with the kids in tow. The best part is, there are plenty of water sports centres and tour operators lining the beach where you can rent equipment from, so you will not be strapped for choice. The prices are competitive, so bargaining prior will be best. Do note, that many places only accept cash.

Body Boarding
Especially great for kids, bodyboarding is on par with entry-level surfing. Popularly known as boogie boarding, the activity consists of laying flat on the board and riding the crest, curl and face of the wave towards the shores. Mirissa Beach is renowned for the excellent surf quality, meaning that that you will be able to have yourself a fantastic time. Bodyboards can be rented for the day or by the hour starting at LKR 500. If you’re staying in a hotel or resorts, they often have their own water sports centre, which you can approach to rent a bodyboard free of charge,

 Jet skiing
It’s a common sight to see tourists happily zooming to and fro on the surf, with the wind in their hair aboard jet-skis. If you’re an adrenalin junkie and relish some speedy fun out in the open waters, then jet-skiing in Mirissa will prove to be a fun and memorable experience. Usually, the experience is a guided one, so you will be accompanied by a professional from your chosen water sports centre. Generally, jet-skiing here is Mirissa is priced at LKR 2000-3000.

Given the fact that Mirissa is famed for its surf, your holiday in this chic little town would be perfect to try your hand in a fun surfing session. If you’re a complete beginner, you can opt to sign up for lessons with a local instructor to learn how to take on the surf. Surf lessons can be taken for either just one day, or you can opt to sign up for a more comprehensive training session. Here too you will find no shortage of surf schools and instructors to choose from.