Snorkelling in Mirissa

Apart from being quite a famed surf destination in Sri Lanka known for drawing in scores of international surfers from around the world, Mirissa also happens to be an ideal spot to try out snorkelling.

Snorkelling in Mirissa
While one can enjoy snorkelling in many locations along the Southern Coast of the island including Hikkaduwa and Weligama, Mirissa happens to be especially great for this activity as the bay is protected from strong currents. Another reason is that the warm azure blue waters skirting the beach offer high visibility, allowing you the chance to get a good look at the abundant marine life the reefs are home to. When it comes to picking out reefs to snorkel in you can opt for shallower or deeper ones, which might need to be accessed via a boat.

The Experience
The best part about choosing to snorkel in Mirissa is that there are plenty of tour packages on offer for various price points. Making sure you do your research and choosing a package, that is suitable for your comfort levels will go a long way in making sure you have an unforgettable snorkelling experience in Mirissa.

Snorkelling in Mirissa will also give you the chance to check out the friendly turtles that swim around gracefully among the vibrant corals. The friendlier ones will even eat offered seaweed at the distance of your hand. Among the rest of the rich marine life, one will get the chance to take in, include large and colourful schools of parrotfish, lemon damsels, snappers, rabbitfish and a host of other types of exotic reef fish.

If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to really explore the diverse marine life of the island, why not grab the chance to enjoy the privilege of snorkelling with the gentle giants of the deep; whales? Reputed tour operators such as Mirissa Snorkeling Tours offers great packages to snorkel with the biggest mammals on the planet.

How to book a Mirissa Snorkelling Tour
As one can imagine, there are tons of tour operators and water sports centres that offer snorkelling tours and excursions. Almost every hotel, resort or independent tour operator will offer you similar packages, which consist of a two-hour tour that is priced at $ USD 20 or LKR 3500. Several reputed tour operators to consider include Ocean Explorers Mirissa, Muthu Tours, Mirissa and Mirissa Blue Ocean Diving Centre.