Thalpe Beach

Thalpe Beach is located approximately 45 minutes from Mirissa town and can be easily reached via either tuk-tuk, car, taxi, or the many buses that pass by. It also happens to be just 15 minutes by tuk-tuk if you’re heading here after a sightseeing trip from Galle, and five minutes from the bustling Unawatuna Beach. A well-known local surf spot, Thalpe is usually overlooked by most visitors as the break cannot be seen properly from the main road.

While in Thalpe, you will also get the chance to enjoy the exotic sight of stilt fishermen hard at work. A local technique of fishing which is proudly passed down from one generation to the next. the scene is particularly great for some photo opportunities.

One will also find many rock pools, which have been cut out of corals 50 years back, and was once used to soak coconut husks in order to easily separate coconut coir. The rock pools are a great spot to cool off during a sunbathing session but do watch out for coarse corals and rocks, which can cut unprotected feet.

Visiting the beach during the early morning, especially from the period of March to April, is highly recommended as the waters are especially calm and beautiful.

Thalpe is particularly popular among both locals and foreign tourists for its calm and clear waters.  There are also plenty of shops to browse in along with great restaurants famed for serving up fresh seafood delicacies. While Thalpe Beach does not offer a long list of vibrant activities and things to do, it is definitely a great place to simply relax.

The pristine strip of Thalpe Beach is especially stunning given its clean shimmering sands, kissed by the rather calm azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Making it a point to go for a long walk on the beach, come early evening under the swaying palms lining the shores is highly recommended. The cove is relatively quiet and serves as a great place to spend languid hours sunbathing with a great book. Do make it point to stay hydrated and wear ample amounts of sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the tropical sun.