Learn Surfing

Boasting pristine stretches of sandy shores, palm trees and crystal-clear waters, the little town of Mirissa is often frequented by surfers from around the world, in search of the best possible surf around.

The best time of the year to surf
The best time of the year to surf along the Southern Coastal belt is anytime between the months of November to March when the weather conditions are cooler and drier. However, the temperatures tend to go up to 30 to 32 degrees routinely and can be scorching hot, so the best time to surf during the day is in the early mornings and evenings.

Also, note that intermediate levels of waves of notable heights can be experienced during the early mornings and late afternoons in the bay. Checking out the daily weather forecast and the sea levels before planning your surfing schedule ahead of time is well recommended.

The Surf Experience
A premier travel destination in Sri Lanka, the little town of Mirissa is renowned for its beautiful crescent-shaped bay, while its famed surf offers surfers both left and right-hander waves. This destination is ideal for skilled and intermediate surfers who are looking to catch a reef break, as the waves can reach up to 6ft.

The best part of choosing Mirissa as your surf destination is that you can surf a left-hander closer to the harbor, and a right-hander near the rock outcrop on the bay.  Its also a great beach to build the confidence of beginners, while allowing intermediate surfers the opportunity to brush up their technique and skills due to the smaller waves and the protection the bay enjoys from onshore winds.

Surf Hotels
Simply put there is no shortage of accommodation options in the town. Most of the options available are affordable and are within easy reach of the beach.

If your planning on sticking to a strict budget, there is a selection of hostels to choose from. Hangover Hostels, in particular, are quite popular because of the comfortable and clean rooms and its close proximity to the beach. A night would approximately cost USD 31, which is quite a steal for the location and convenience it offers surfers.

Learning to Surf
If you’re a complete beginner Surf School with Ruwan is a good option to check out. Individual lessons lasting for two hours, along with half-day packages and courses are on offer. The deals also include both surfboard hire and transport, making it an affordable surf school for those visiting to learn to surf.

Three lessons usually cost around $USD 40 and are a great way to learn the basic techniques needed to take on the waves.

Alternatively, if you’re in search of something more immersive and holistic, then consider opting for a complete vacation package, with comprehensive surf lessons included. For this, the likes of Surf &Yoga Mirissa is a great option. For approximately $USD 675 per person, one is offered seven night’s accommodation with 12 surf lessons.