Visit Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa Sri Lanka

Quite the Instagram famous location. Coconut Tree Hill is considered a must-visit hot spot to enjoy a stunning tropical sunset or sunrise and to snap some memorable photos all the while staring out into the vast shimmering blue Indian Ocean before it.

How to get to the Coconut Tree Hill
The Coconut Tree Hill is situated just 15 to 20 minutes east from the Main Mirissa Beach and can be reached via several different ways. The first option is to head to the Mirissa Beach, walk along the shoreline passing Parrot Rock, and the two bays beyond it until you reach the hill.

The second option is to head to Matara Road from Mirissa Beach, and walk till you reach Beach Road. Turn into the road, and walk towards the beach, and you will see Coconut Tree Hill to your immediate left. For reference, Beach Road is located between the Spring Resort and Jeremy Backpacker Hostel, which can both be found on Google Maps.

One can also reach the hill through the Bandaramulla Temple, which has a path that leads to the shore, from here onwards, you will have to walk to your left to get to the hill. If you do happen to get lost or find it confusing, simply ask a local, and they will be happy to assist you!

The Best Time to Visit Coconut Tree Hill
The ideal time to visit this scenic spot is either in the morning or an early evening just in time to catch a sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately, the spot becomes extremely crowded in the evenings and it is rather hard to get good shots without having other people in them. Visiting in the morning just in time for sunrise is highly recommended. Do make it a point to reach there by 5.30 am to take in the spot and settle down for a magnificent tropical sunrise here in Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

What to expect
There is no entry fee to visit this attraction. It’s also a great spot to make new friends here as well including lots of friendly dogs that will hang around with you to catch a sunrise or sunset. Given the close proximity to the Parrot Rock, one can easily explore both locations in the same morning. Parrot Rock can also be easily seen from the hill and vice-versa. In terms of the view, apart from the stunning sunrise and sunsets, you will be treated to, you can also enjoy some great views surfers catching some waves in the near distance.