Exploring Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna is without a doubt among Sri Lanka’s most popular beach towns, and the main Unawatuna Beach is its star attractions. A true feast for the eyes, one will be treated to delightfully idyllic vistas of shimmering blue waters that kiss sandy golden shores shaded by swaying palm trees. Making it a point to spend at least one full day at this must-visit destination is a must if you’re in Mirissa. Unawatuna is located just 24 km from Mirissa and can be easily reached via bus, which also happens to be the cheapest way to get there. Alternatively, you can opt to hire a tuk-tuk or car.

Swim and sunbathe at Unawatuna Main Beach
Unawatuna Beach is a great setting to relax, swim, and sunbathe to your heart’s content, as this beach is not overly crowded with tourists and surfers. Consider renting out a sunbed or lounge to relax in comfort, or carrying along a beach mat is a great idea if you wish to have your own space. Heading there early in the morning is well -recommended as, the beach is still popular with both locals and foreign visitors, and tend to fill up. Towards the afternoons, the heat and humidity steadily rise, so opting for a swim is a good way to stay cool. The best place for a paddle is towards the south of the beach, where there are fewer people and boats or in the middle. There are also plenty of snazzy beachside bars and cafes, you can checkout to treat yourself to a snack or cocktail.

Enjoy Brunch at Skinny Tom’s Deli
Located along the main street of Unawatuna, Skinny Tom’s has something of a cult following here on the South Coast and is the ideal spot to hot if you are seeking a break from the spicy rice and curry diet of the locals.  They are quite well-known for their Western/ Sri Lankan infusion brunch consisting of poached egg hoppers and shakshuka hoppers, both of which promise to be delicious. Skinny Tom’s also serves some great lattes, which are routinely praised by caffeine lovers.

A traditional brunch is also on offer along with a scrumptious selection of sweets and cakes. If you are determined to beat the fierce tropical heat, then make sure to sample their coconut ice drinks, as Skinny Tom’s patrons swear on how insanely good they are!

Party on the Beach!
Apart from Mirissa, Unawatuna is pretty famous for its vibrant beach parties that usually happen every Saturday night beach party. With some solid house music, played by beloved local DJs and great drink deals such as two for one beer, having a great night out in Unawatuna is the perfect way to round off your day in Unawatuna.

Kingfisher Hotel is your best bet for a proper beach party, and they happen to host their parties every Saturday, which welcomes ex-pats, tourists and locals alike ready to boogie the night away. The party doesn’t really kick off until ten or eleven in the night, so opting to enjoy dinner or pre-drinks somewhere else prior to heading there is a good idea.