Travel Tips

If you are planning on heading down south on the teardrop isle, definitely consider keeping a few days to treat yourself to an unforgettable escape in Mirissa Town. With Sri Lanka travel on the rise, there’s ever been a better time to plan a visit. Use our top travel tips to help make the most of your trip here!

Be prepared for the weather
Given the hot temperatures, all -year round, staying well hydrated, and making sure you get the sightseeing done before 10 am is highly recommended!

Pack smartly
The humidity is high down by the coast so packing plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and light cotton clothing is a definite must to stay cool.

Stay hydrated!
Consider carrying a reusable water bottle along with you to be environmentally friendly, or simply stop by a street vendor to enjoy a refreshing king coconut water to beat the heat as the locals do!

Carry Cash
Cash is best for most restaurants and cafes though more commercial and high-end hotels and tour operators accept cards.

Check out the nightlife
Mirissa has garnered quite a reputation for its vibrant nightlife, so consider stepping out for some after-dinner drinks and dancing under the stars.

Transport is easy to find
Getting around the town is easy, with plenty of tuk-tuks, but remember that drivers only charge cash, and negotiating a price before getting in is a must!

Surfer’s paradise
Though you can swim in certain spots, Mirissa is predominately a surfer’s paradise.