Enjoy the Nightlife

The entire buzz about chic little Mirissa comes from its expansive beach and scenic tropical settings. Yet did you know that coincidentally Mirissa also happens to be quite well-known in terms of having a vibrant nightlife scene? Meaning, you get the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds by soaking up the sun and dipping your toes in the warm waters by day and dancing the night away come dusk! From relaxed and peaceful candlelight dinners to the pulsating club party, a night out in Mirissa very rarely disappoints. Whether you’re hoping to dance and sample the snazzy cocktails on offer, your vacation here promises to be a truly memorable one!

Zephyr Restaurant & Bar
How about an ice-cold beer with a view? While almost everyone dreams of this kind of holiday daily, only the lucky ones get to enjoy it at the Zephyr Restaurant & Bar. This famous dining spot is renowned for its rather stylish and cosmopolitan vibes, as well as their extensive range of hard drinks and cocktails. Consider heading here during a late evening to enjoy a scrumptious seafood dinner, and sample some evening cocktails and a night of dancing. Their Passion Fruit Mojito happens to be somewhat of a bestseller!

Kama Mirissa
For an outstanding nightlife experience on the South Coast of the island, making sure to set aside a night to visit Kama Mirissa is an absolute must. This place has it all from cool party vibes, stunning beach views, the classy crowd along with a fantastic variety of ice-cold beers and cocktails. If you’re a solo traveller, looking to meet new people from around the world, Kama Mirissa is sure to welcome you with open arms. Put simply, this spot is quite famous for offering some of the best Mirissa nightlife experiences around. As a side note, make it a point to try their coconut ice-cream if possible!

Bay Moon
If you’re in search of the biggest and most electrifying beach party in Mirissa, then Bay Moon will be your go-to place. Considered to be one of the best beachfront restaurants and bars, Bay Moon showcases seating arrangement right on the edge of the sea. Consider heading here during an early evening to enjoy a relaxed dinner, ending with a fun night of dancing to some cook house tunes towards later in the night.