Discover Galle Fort

While it is definitely possible to build your Mirissa itinerary on the go, making sure that you figure in a day trip to the city of Galle specifically to wander around the historic Galle Fort is a definite must. Located just 60 minutes away from Mirissa Town, getting to this world-famous UNESCO world heritage won’t be an issue. You can always opt to travel on a bus, which also happens to be a budget-friendly mode of travel. Alternatively, you can hire yourself a tuk-tuk or taxi for a pre-negotiated price or rent yourself a scooter or bicycle.

Galle Fort History
The Galle Fort was first built by the Portuguese in the year 1796 and then taken over by the Dutch, which saw the construction of series of public and administrative buildings, warehouses, churches military facilities, and more all featuring Dutch architecture, art and much more.

A Day trip to Galle Fort
The Galle Fort is the ideal place to learn new things, and covers over 400 historic places to take in from the minute you start your explorations from the Old Gate. From here onwards you can walk up to the first fortification and check out clock -tower which is also located close by. After which you have the option to walk back down and head to the centre of the fort, or you can opt to follow and walk over the extended city wall to enjoy the expansive outer ring of the little town complemented with stunning ocean views. If you are a history lover, consider taking in the Old Dutch Hospital which is one of the oldest buildings inside the fort, which has today been transformed into a dining and shopping precinct. Zwarte Fort is the oldest of the 14 bastions built by the Portuguese. Others include a historic point to visit include Groote Kert, the Dutch Reformed Church, and the All Saint’s Church is a 13th century Gothic Church, which stands on the site of an ancient old courthouse. Also consider the Maritime Archeology Museum, which used to be an old Dutch warehouse, and showcases ship models, underwater artifacts and other related marine-centric exhibits.

Eat Well
After a busy day of exploring, you deserve to treat yourself! The Fort is filled with a wide range of cafes, restaurants, and bars, offering cuisines from around the world including the Mediterranean, Japanese, European, Indian, and much more. Some top restaurants to check out here include A Minute by Tuk Tuk located in the Old Dutch Hospital prescient. The best part is that you will also be treated to some stunning views of the elegant Japanese Peace Pagoda and Jungle Beach. Another is Poonie’s Kitchen, Gallery 52, Chambers Restaurant located in Church Street and Pilgrim’s. To round off a delicious meal, head over to the Isle of Gelato to treat yourself to some scrumptious dessert.

Another great food-related activity to check off the list is heading over the Luxurious Amanagalla Hotel to sample the British afternoon tea. Foodies can expect a curated selection of delicious cakes, sandwiches, tarts, and finger sandwiches complemented with fine Ceylon teas.